What about teaching peace before and during pregnancy?


picFinding peace can be everyone’s goal but before conceiving a baby and during the pregnancy it’s even more important. We all know that babies in the womb can sense mom’s emotions.
Findings from researchers show a fetus receives chemical signals from mom during pregnancy that could have a negative impact on how a baby develops after birth. The psychological state of a mother – during pregnancy and after delivery – has a direct impact on the health of a baby after birth.
So how about starting feeling in peace even before conceiving a baby. It can become a way of life, a way of being. And it will be easier to keep experiencing peace during pregnancy. Indeed, it can feel like such an overwhelming time as a pregnancy puts new demands both physically and emotionally. Here are some simple tips to keep a positive attitude and stay away from negative thoughts and worries:


  •  Meditation and prayer are useful tools to help maintaining a positive attitude. Practicing everyday can make a huge difference by bringing peace and relaxation to your body and mind
  •  Turn off the news allows to stay away from drama and the constant violent or negative images shown,
  •  Find a balance between work, family, responsibilities and self-care
  •  Practicing gratitude for the blessings in your lives produces also health benefits
  •  Talk to your baby: take a few minutes every day and sit quietly. Clear your mind, rest your hands on your belly and talk to your baby. Focus on the miracle going on inside. It will be a chance for your baby to hear your voice free of stress and feel the love and happiness.


peaceEvery woman should tune into her body to see what it needs for its optimum health and balance. Also tune into her higher self to receive accurate guidance about her health. They should trust their own inner authority as a truth barometer about what’s healthy.
Inner peace should not depend on external circumstances. It can be embraced by always taking the moment to be present in life. And when it comes the time of delivering, no matter what’s going on around; the mother will be ready to live this moment in a peaceful way which is essential for her and her baby.

Author: Amelie Paterne

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