GPI Youth delegation – Activities Report (September 2014- March 2016)


September 2014

o Lubiana Gosp-Server went to the annual meeting conference of the Secretary General of the UN and the NGOs

o Ioana Frandes has been writing a blog since 2014 on prenatal education named “Prenatal Bliss”

October/November 2014:

o Interventions in India with Julie Gerland, François Gerland, Lubiana Gosp-Server and Marie Cier at

o Palampour – In a primary school named “Mother’s touch School”

o Bangalore (National Institute of Mental Health) and Bangalore Birth Network

o Action India (NGO financed by the UN) o Mumbai with a midwife o Mumbai during a local biological market o Mumbai at the Bhakti Vedanta Hospital All these exchanges have been well received and multiple contracts have been formed to establish partnerships and to continue our work in India. One person, Sanghamitra Sau, friend of Julie and François Gerland, is starting an association for “Maternel Empowerement” in India.

December 2014

o Lubiana Gosp-Server, Elie Evencho, Julie and François Gerland went to China.

o They went to Zhuhai to participate in the 11th Family Summit, invited by the World Family Organisation (WFO) and the Chinese Ministry of Health. They collaborated with other activists for a preparation of a document adressed to the United Nations concerning the Agenda Post 2015. Lubiana-Gosp Server was invited to give a talk infront of the NGOs during the first day of the meeting. They had the chance to speak a lot with the Chinese participants and others from around the world. Elie (who’s focusing her Masters degree on Prenatal Education in China) helped us communicate with the Chinese people by translating for the group. There has been much interest on the subject of Prenatal Education in China. Important contacts for the futur have been put in place.

o Meeting with midwifes in Hong-Kong with Julie Gerland. Elie Evenchoen gave a short presentation in Shenzen to parents during a pre-natal visit. December 2014 – January 2015: o The GPI was reprised as a project by the Youth Delegation. Marie Cier accompagnied Julie and François to Hawaii to “relight the torch” in the njame of the delegation on sunrise on the 1st of January 2015. Subsequently, the GPI had a partnership with the international Year of Light with the U.N that year.

o  They visited the “Birth stones” where ancient royals from all of the south Pacific came to give birth.

January 2015:

o Lubiana Gosp-Server and Ioana Frandes represented the GPI at the opening of the International year of Light at the UNESCO center in Paris.

February 2015:

o Ioana Frandes accompagnied Julie and François Gerland to the 1001 critical days conference in the British Parlement in London. Julie was invited to give the opening speech at the last day of the conference. It was a very good opening on working together with parlementary representatives and various NGOs present.

January – June 2015:

o Lubiana represented the “Maternal empowerement” cause at the U.N in Geneva.

June 2015:

o Lubiana Gosp-Server was invited by the NGO coalition give a presenation on the conclusion of OMDs and futur ODD at a conference at the UN.

o Lubiana Gosp-Server also had the chance to give a presentation on the work of the Youth Delegation at the ONUG in the context of a conference of the NGO coalition for the OMDs at the NGO meeting.

August 2015:

o Meeting of 10 members of the Youth Delegation in the south of France.

September – December 2015

o Lubiana Gosp-Server represented the “maternal empowerement” cause at the UN.

November 2015:

o Marie Cier went to the ONUG open day to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UN

December 2015:

o Lubiana Gosp-Server and Maxime Goupil represented the GPI and the NIEP at a NGO coalition meeting for the ODDs with various partners.

o Yasmine El Kettani, Ioana Frandes, Pilar Vizcaino, Julie and François Gerland were invited to the World Family Summity in Cairo in Egypt. The presence of the Youth Delegates was noted in the report sent to the U.N

January 2016:

o A new partnership with the Noble Institution for Enviromental Peace NGO was formed with the GPI

o Lubiana Gosp-Server became it’s main representative at the UN in Geneva

February 2016:

o Lubiana Gosp-Server and Julie Gerland participated in the preparatory skype meeting for “Women Deliver”. The GPI sponsored Lubiana Gosp-Server to represent the importance of maternal empowerement in May 2016

o Amelie Paterne participated in the event “Teaching peace in school summit” online and wrote an article which linked to the GPI.

March 2016:

o Lubiana Gosp-Server represented the GPI at the 31st session of the Human rights council.

o Lubiana Gosp-Server was invited by the NGO coalition for the ODDs and the UNESU to talk about “Feminin leadership: a necessary condition for the objective of gender equality”. As such, she will speak about the importance of mothers and their role in Humanity.

o Lubiana Gosp-Server was invited to the 31st session of the Human rights council’s closing ceremony, organised by the Mission of Great Britain with the UN

It would be too long to write about all the different activities and initiatives by different delegates here, but please contact us if you want more specific informations.



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