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GPI’s Conversation with Rachana Shivam, Lotus Birth Author

“Lotus birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut, so that the baby remains attached to his/her placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus, exactly as a cut cord does, at three to ten days after birth. This prolonged contact can be seen as a time of transition, allowing the baby to slowly and gently let go of their attachment to the mother’s body. This is a new ritual.
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Interview with CNN’s Hero, Robin Lim

GPI’s Julie Gerland spent time with CNN’s Hero, Ibu Robin Lim, in November. Touring the Bumi Sehat health clinics and giving workshops, Julie talks with Midwife and Bumi Sehat Birth Center Founder in Ubud, Bali Indonesia about the importance of the Prenatal and Perinatal phases of life for the future and sustainable development of our planet.

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