Antenatal mental health: Keeping the baby in mind


1001 Critical Days Lecture Series Programme 2014 2015

This symposium will provide a forum to examine the moral, scientific, and economic case for investment in the antenatal period. Dr Seneviratne will examine the prevalence of mental health problems in the antenatal period, and the consequences in terms of their impact on the rapidly developing foetus; Dr Pawlby will discuss the role of the mother’s own childhood experiences in terms of her antenatal mental health and the intergenerational transmission of mental health problems; Professor Ayers will examine the impact of trauma and PTSD in the life-history of the pregnant woman; Dr Reissland will present her work on fetal behaviour and responses to maternal stress; Professor Glover will examine the economic costs of antenatal mental health problems and Professor Barlow will discuss evidence-based methods of working to support both the mother and unborn baby.

Opening Speaker

A pioneer in the field of consciousness and early parenting Julie Gerland is the Founder and Director of The Holistic Parenting Programme: Preconception to Birth & Beyond… The program educates and empowers future parents from pre-conception preparation to after birth. She is a co-author, a passionate and compassionate international presenter, workshop leader and professional trainer. Julie currently represents a non-governmental organisation for prenatal education associations which enjoys Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Please note: This event is reserved to invited people.

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